"...blisteringly original, dramatic, effective and unforgettable" 



"...Bracco's crystal-clear storytelling, and interesting character and monster designs, sweep you along from the Terrans' desolate land territory to the Aquans' undersea realm, and up into space."

-Baltimore City Paper


"This is a great read for just about anyone, but especially for those who miss the (getting) older independents like the above mentioned TMNT and Frank. Its just a lot of engaging fun."

-Leroy Green (ProjectFanboy.com)


"Frank Miller, Erik Larsen, Doug TenNapel - all of these creative giants, when they wrote and drew and controlled in full their stories, had moments as blisteringly original, dramatic, effective, and unforgettable as the ending of Novo Volume 1."

-Dave Baxter BrokenFrontier.com


"To me the story of Birth/Novo seems like it was always there, but Bracco has pulled it from our collective consciousness and put it down on paper with ink. As you pull back and start to learn more about the history of the planet, and about the planet itself, everything just seems to make sense. I found it very natural, almost organic, primal."

-Tom Slaski (GeeksofDoom.com)


"This is made out to be less of a mythology-flavored story than "Birth" was and much more of an introspective character piece by Alterna. This has my interest piqued as I personally adored Birth." -5 star review from Alex Haas (Indycomicreview.com)


"The artwork is equally up to par with the writing. Michael S. Bracco has talent, plain and simple."

-Gary Rodrigue (Comicnews.info)


"Alterna Comics may have one of THE up and coming writer/artists in the industry."

-4 star review from Ron Miller (Indycomicreview.com)

novo volume 1

"The birth of novo"


88 pages / $9.95


diamond order code: apr08 3509




The Aquans and the Terans spent their existences blaming each other for their own faults, warring until there was only one Aquan, a male, and one Teran, a female.  Together and love and desperation, they created Novo - a savior born to a world that no longer had use for one.  Now trying to discover a history he will never be a part of, can the mystery of his past give hime the clues to his future?






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